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Ways to Treat Your Dog's Nausea

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Anyone can feel nauseous from the food they consume or a medication's adverse effects. If you've ever had that sensation, you know that it can have a detrimental impact on our appetite, attitude, and behavior. Although they aren't vomiting, our dogs might experience nausea, and pet parents may notice changes in their dog's behavior, eating habits, or temperament.

Fortunately, there are dog nausea treatments for dogs. But first, let’s look at the signs of nausea in dogs.

Signs of Nausea in Dogs

You've probably had the queasy sensation in your stomach, but how can you tell when your dog feels nauseous? Although a nauseated dog's vomit is an evident sign of its condition, nausea is not always followed by vomiting.

Here are additional symptoms to help you identify nausea in dogs:


Most sick dogs will behave differently from how they usually do. They could become withdrawn, perhaps seeking comfort. They might not enjoy the fun antics of another dog, and they might even snarl to drive them away.

Eating Habits

Dogs' nausea can also alter their appetites. Dogs who are nauseous or have an upset stomach lose interest in their meals and might even refuse their favorite snacks.

Excessive Saliva

Your dog may be experiencing nausea if they are continually drooling or suddenly becomes obsessed with chewing on anything in sight. The biting action enables dogs to divert their attention from their upset stomach. Their focus shifts from the unsettling sensation in their gut to something more pleasurable.

Remedies for Nausea in Dogs

What can you offer your dog to relieve nausea? Preventative care is one of the most straightforward approaches to relieving nausea in dogs. This includes preserving their hygiene, eating a nutritious diet, and ensuring they get enough activity.

Despite your best efforts, your dog may still experience nausea. In this situation, it might be time to get more assistance to relieve their suffering. Many dog owners visit a veterinarian with their pet and ask for nausea medicine. What can you offer your dog to treat nausea?

Consider Dosing Your Dog with CBD Oil

Besides stimulating your dog's appetite, CBD can also assist in easing nausea. It benefits your dog's health in other ways, such as regulating mood and pain. If your dog suffers from chronic ailments that cause pain, you can use CBD for dogs to lessen the pain and significantly improve their quality of life.

According to studies, CBD is excellent for lowering high levels of stomach acid and preventing reflux. It is a natural inflammation regulator that helps to lower intestinal inflammation. Additionally, CBD has been demonstrated to be an appetite regulator and can treat a wide range of digestive health-related issues in your dog.

Probiotics or Kefir

Although dairy irritates a dog's digestive tract, fermented milk (kefir) does not. Probiotics included in kefir help calm your dog's tummy. These beneficial bacteria are found in the digestive tract naturally. They support healthy digestion and improve immunity. You can also add probiotic powders and vitamins to your dog's food, but they can be costly.

Put Your Dog on a Bland Diet

Remove all your dog's regular meals and replace them with boiled rice, ground beef, or chicken after vomiting ceases. Ensure the chicken is boneless. In any case, most of the meal should be rice; you only add meat to tempt the dog. If you see an improvement, you can reintroduce his regular diet for the following few days.

Offer Ice Chips

Your dog needs to drink plenty of water during this time. Offer ice chips instead of water because they are less likely to induce further vomiting. Consult your veterinarian immediately if your dog goes for more than 24 hours without consuming water or ice chips.


You can offer your dog a ginger-infused treat or beverage that is safe for pets. Ginger has an antiemetic effect that inhibits the nausea-inducing serotonin receptors in the gut. If you're thinking of giving your dog ginger, follow the recommended dosages.

Dog nausea can be frustrating, but several safe, efficient natural treatments, including CBD, can help lessen your dog's suffering. However, consult a vet if your dog's symptoms point to a more severe issue.

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