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Be an online HERO!

Have you ever come across one of our posts, and thought to yourself, "I wish I could do something more to make sure that sweet dog finds their forever home"? Well, now you can! It is easy! You can do it from the car, at work, or from the comfort of your own home.

You can be part of the solution and you can help


Maybe you’ve seen a particular dog-like Manchester or even a Dallas Dog Angel like Peggy Sue, whose backstory just tugged at your heartstrings and you couldn’t sleep at night without thinking of them. The program focuses on the dogs who have been in the shelter the longest, and pairs volunteers with those dogs in an effort to provide them with a clear, targeted approach to advocate for them. When a long-term/boarding dog has a Virtual Foster, they are getting many of the benefits a foster home would offer, while still residing in their current foster or boarding. The program teaches the volunteers how to create vibrant, and compelling content for our website, marketing teams, and other social media outlets. Perhaps you saw one of our senior dogs, who reminded you of your childhood pet and cried because you wished you could shower them with love during their golden years. We know this rings true to many of you, especially our Dallas Dog supporters who live out of state. Even those in Texas who don’t have the ability to physically Foster one of our animals, here is your chance by being a part of our Virtual Foster Program!


Simply fill out an application along with a donation of any amount and we will pair you up with a dog or cat that is still needing a forever-loving home!!

We will send you a Virtual Foster Certificate along with photos and a brief bio so you can begin sharing with all of your friends, family, neighbors, etc. about your Virtual Foster Dog/Cat!

What a remarkable way to be part of their journey at a second chance of life!
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Virtual Foster through social media.

When it comes to promoting your foster pet, social media presents a gold mine of opportunities. Share frequent photos and short videos of your foster pet on Facebook and Instagram and take advantage of these social media platforms’ “stories” feature. Make sure your Facebook posts are sharable and don’t be afraid to use newer apps like TikTok. 

Ask the foster to help capture new material for your social media posts pets playing, cuddling, and sleeping.

Work together with your foster to come up with creative ways to help your virtual foster find his forever foster. 

Give dogs and cats their own Instagram page.

Since there’s a 99.9% chance your foster pet will take over your personal Instagram page, why not go ahead and give your pet his own? It’s easy to set up an Instagram account just for your foster pet so that potential adopters can follow the animal’s foster journey. This would be created by the rescue and we would assign you as a user. 

Familiarize yourself with your foster animal so you will be able to chat and answer questions.
Work collaboratively with the foster team and foster to get to know each other and the foster pet.
Post at minimum once a week on each social media platform.
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Be an online HERO!