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Be an online HERO!

"Distance Can't Stop Compassion: Virtually Foster and Change a Life"

Ready to take your love for rescue dogs to the next level? We have the perfect opportunity for you! Introducing our virtual foster program, where you can make a lasting impact on a dog's life right from your fingertips. Whether you're on your commute, at the office, or cozied up at home, you can be a hero for these deserving pups. Don't wait for someone else to make a difference – take action now and join our virtual foster community. Together, let's find these dogs their forever homes!

"Together, We Foster Hope: Virtually Making Forever Homes Happen"

What is virtual fostering ?


Virtual fostering is a unique and flexible way to support rescue dogs without physically bringing them into your home. As a virtual foster, you provide vital assistance from a distance by promoting the dog online, sharing their story, and advocating for their adoption. You can help raise awareness, connect potential adopters with the dog, and even assist with fundraising for their medical needs. Virtual fostering allows you to make a meaningful impact on a dog's journey to finding their forever home, all while fitting it into your own schedule and lifestyle. It's a rewarding opportunity to be a lifeline for these deserving pups, even if you can't physically foster them yourself.

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Virtual Foster Requirements

 As a virtual foster through social media, your role is crucial in promoting your foster pet and helping them find their forever home. Here are the requirements and guidelines for virtual fostering: 

Utilize social media platforms:

Take advantage of Facebook and Instagram to share frequent photos and short videos of your foster pet. Use the "stories" feature to provide regular updates on their progress. Be sure to tag the rescue organization and include the vital information on the virtual foster tag, such as Dallas DogRRR, and include the rescue's website information.

Share on reels and TikTok

If you create any reels or TikTok videos featuring your foster pet, please send them back to us so that we can share them on our social media platforms as well. This helps reach a wider audience and increases the chances of finding a forever foster. 

Capture new material:

Work with your foster pet to capture new material for your social media posts. Show them playing, cuddling, and sleeping in creative and engaging ways. These photos and videos help potential adopters connect with the animal and envision them as part of their family.

Instagram page for your foster pet:

Consider creating an Instagram account dedicated solely to your foster pet. This allows potential adopters to follow their journey and stay updated on their progress. The rescue organization will create this account and assign you as a user.

Familiarize yourself with your foster animal:

Take the time to get to know your foster pet so that you can answer questions and provide information to potential adopters. Understanding their behavior, personality, and any special needs will help you communicate effectively and find the right match. 

Collaborate with the foster team:

Work closely with the foster team and other fosters to establish a collaborative environment. Exchange ideas, share experiences, and support each other in finding forever homes for the animals in your care.

Minimum posting frequency:

Commit to posting at least once a week on each social media platform. Regular updates and engagement help maintain interest and attract potential adopters. By following these requirements and guidelines, you are playing a vital role in promoting your foster pet and increasing their chances of finding a loving forever home. Thank you for your dedication and support in making a difference in the lives of these animals.

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What a remarkable way to be part of their journey at a second chance of life!

Just fill out an application and we'll match you with a dog or cat in need of a forever-loving home! You'll be assigned a foster and together you can start sharing your virtual foster with everyone you know. Help spread the word about your Virtual Foster Dog/Cat to find them their forever home!

Be an online HERO!

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