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“Dallas Dog RESCUES the hurt and abandoned, REHABILITATES the broken, and REFORMS the community through education to eliminate animal neglect.“
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At Dallas DogRRR, our mission is to RESCUE abandoned dogs, REHABILITATE those in need, and REFORM the community. Through our Hero Project, we promote education and initiate conversations that drive positive change in animal welfare.

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Our vision is to create a community where individuals feel empowered to challenge the norm. We aim to support families and provide them with the assistance of fellow animal advocates during difficult times. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that every animal finds a safe and loving home, where they can experience security and care.


Officially formed in 2015 as a street rescue for south Dallas, with a handful of dedicated individuals, Dallas Dog has grown from saving a few dogs to saving thousands across the state. Our mission remains focused on saving those facing the greatest odds. Whether abandoned, hurt, or displaced due to
circumstances beyond their choosing, every animal needs a human voice to be their advocate. Texas remains one of the highest states in the country for euthanasia of adoptable dogs and cats. Dallas Dog - along with our supporters - is working to reverse that rank. Change of this magnitude takes time
but we’re making strides and are proud of our accomplishments to date. Rescue is not easy; our team has seen some of the worst human beings have inflicted upon animals. Whether it’s picking up an owner-surrendered animal because they are “too old”, rescuing an injured and bleeding dog from the
street, or going to court to be an animal’s voice for justice, Dallas Dog’s commitment to a rescued animal is ALL IN.


Dallas Dog remains a foster-based rescue; we do not maintain a facility of our own. Our organization depends on - and are very thankful for - the hundreds of foster families and individuals who believe in and support our mission. They open their hearts and homes providing essential decompression, care, love, and rehabilitation for our rescued animals. This environment of safety and compassion gives them the best opportunity to be adopted.


Each day is different. Some dogs we rescue are so desperate to be loved they readily jump into our arms and do not look back. Others are more hesitant. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to earn their trust, these dogs are gradually won over. Regardless of how or when they officially become a Dallas Dog rescue dog, the relieved, ecstatic, or simply exhausted expression on their sweet face during their freedom ride makes a rescue day the best day ever.



Do you want to make a difference? Dallas Dog has multiple ways to get involved, whether local or remote. Building trusting relationships with abandoned dogs, transporting newly rescued dogs, managing foster supplies, leading adoption events, working with our fosters and potential adopters,
supporting our medical team, or being an education advocate; it takes a nation to make it happen. Browse our website and visit our social media pages to learn more about how you can help support our efforts.

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Dallas Dog. You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it!


“Every animal deserves a chance. We never give up. If we have not found them a home then we have not tried everything yet. We take the unwanted, we take the broken, and we do what others call impossible no matter what the cost.”

— Dallas Dog Team

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