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“You are grounded!” Around the age of 5 we all learn what this expression means. It typically sets the precedent that for a period of time, we have lost our freedom and control. However, this phrase took on a very different meaning for my wife and I this spring when COVID hit the United States. As an aspiring pilot and a strategist at a Dallas-based airline, it meant a period of extreme uncertainty and anxiety. After years on the road, we were suddenly told that we would be working from home for the “foreseeable future.” This was tragic news for us. We needed something to brighten our spirits.

During the first few months of the pandemic, we spent the weekends with our friends who were consistently fostering Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform dogs. Since my wife and I did not grow up with animals, at first we ignored the emotional attachment. However, as the days progressed, playing with the puppies was the highlight of our week. We watched in amazement as timid dogs who had been abandoned or abused transformed into confident, playful puppies. Suddenly, the world didn’t seem like such a terrible place. The pause the pandemic created cultivated the restoration of life for these beautiful creatures. We wanted to be involved.

When spring turned into summer and we realized the pandemic wasn’t going away, we started thinking seriously about adopting a puppy. We wanted to provide one of these wonderful animals a home and a bright future. However, we never anticipated that our dog would make such a big difference in our lives. As we mulled the decision over, we worried about waking up even earlier, how the dog might impact our weekends, and if we were up for the challenge of training a puppy. As business majors, we determined the pros outweighed the cons.

Fast-forward two months and things have in fact changed dramatically. We get the opportunity to see the world earlier than most. We get to enjoy the quiet solitude of the downtown streets and get to appreciate the beauty of a morning dew with our trusty companion. Our weekends are different. We have moved on from dimly lit bars to restaurants with dog-friendly patios. Instead of laying by the pool, we search for new places to adventure with our dog. And as far as the training goes, I think her will might be stronger than ours.  

Adopting a dog is a personal choice and it is not for everyone. Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform does a tremendous job and offers many opportunities to get involved. If our circumstances hadn’t dramatically changed, we wouldn’t have adopted our dog, however, we couldn’t be happier that they did. The world gave us a tremendous opportunity to pause for a brief moment and to reflect on what really matters. Our dog has made our family whole. It is the best decision we ever made. 

Happy Gotcha Day to my boy, Atlas! 

Today is one year since we got him and this has been the best year of my life. ❤️Atlas was found in south Texas covered in fleas after being born just hours before in a literal trash can with his siblings and mom. And he overcame distemper. Thank you so much Dallas Dog - Rescue.Rehab.Reform and Natalie Stockard for giving me my best friend & soul mate! 🥰He’s been my rock during my worst times and I am never unappreciative of him. He’s taught me more than I could’ve expected. I love him with everything in my heart! He’s so smart! He was always impressing me at his Manners Classes at What A Great Dog! Completing Manners 1&2 to help become the best dog! Atlas is my adventure buddy and has so much courage and kindness in his heart! Love my Atlas with everything. ❤️

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