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Tips and Tools Setting Behavioral Goals for both the Humans and the Animals in Your Home.

Sharing to help DogRRR Nation stay on track with behavioral goals for humans and the animals we are responsible for.

One of the elements of living a behavioral plan is inconveniencing yourself.
So many examples to give:
Example 1- My dog is too excitable around kids.

Even though it may seem easier to give them both the freedom to interact every time your kids run and your dog chases that is an impulsive and over-aroused mind frame that gets followed through with by your dog, set up by you. Inconvenience yourself. Use that time to go outside with your dogs and your kids and put a leash on your dog and practice place work as your kids play. And then change your thinking. This should never be considered a true inconvenience because you are helping your dog learn a life skill around your kids, their friends that come over and when you go to soccer games or the park.

Example 2- My dog pulls on a leash.

Stop taking them outside to get better and better at pulling! Well, I like to get out and walk for me too. Inconvenience yourself. Take your walk separately and use everyday to practice inside body placement, return, heel and loose leash inside where your dog can get the behavior and cues practiced successfully. Once that is done practice heel and leash work in the backyard. Then gravitate to the front yard. All along the way you are working up to a connected, controlled and mutual walk. Then change your thinking. Your dog will be with you for 10-15 yrs. 6 weeks is hardly an inconvenience, it is an investment in your best friend.

Example 3- My puppy chews up everything and has potty accidents all over the house.

Positive crate training or what I call creating a Zen-Den. Your puppy or dog needs structure, predictability and routine. When we teach our dogs to learn to love their kennel we can set up environmental management to prevent these unwanted behaviors and create new ones. So again, inconvenience yourself. You may have the thinking it was easier to give your pup free access to the whole house but in reality what seemed easier for you temporarily makes it harder for you and your dog. Change your thinking. Understand your pup needs you to set him up to learn how to live in a human world with human expectations.

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