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I’ve fostered for a couple different places before and never experienced such a large community of animal lovers who come together and do what it takes to MAKE IT WORK. DogRRR is so well organized, from different teams (foster, adopt, supply) to assistance...


About 6 years ago we were outside playing in the pool. When I jumped out of the pool, Opened my phone and there was a post on Facebook about a pregnant Momma in the shelter. A rescue worker was pleading for a foster to step up as the shelter was going to spay


People always ask my husband and I about fostering to the point that our answers are locked and loaded. Yes, it is hard giving them up for adoption, but it is worth it. Of course, our heart is broken for what they have been through, but we are not sad all the time.


In the summer of 2013 I had been following the urgent page for Fort Worth Animal control. There was a mom dog with 3 puppies on the euthanasia list. I said in the post that I would foster if rescues would tag (at the time I had no idea that not all rescues are created equally). We got down to the shelter and picked up a very skinny flea and tick infested mom and two puppies since the shelter adopted one out.


We have fostered with other rescues in the past but could not imagine fostering for anyone else other than DallasDogRRR now. It truly is a community! Someone is always there to assist with whatever you need from supplies to medical!


We foster for Dallas DogRRR because this rescue goes above and beyond for these poor babies. We have been with another rescue before we switched to DogRRR and our foster baby was doing very poorly after surgery and we felt left alone.


I/we foster because of dogs like Hope! She's weirdly amazing and makes me so HAPPY! Listen, I believe this girl was an outside dog who only had human interaction when they'd put food outside...


DogRRR is more than just a rescue organization. DogRRR is a community. Dogs aren't just pulled from a local shelter and adopted out to the first application. You search shelters from all over the metroplex, accept transports from other high kill shelters in South Texas and take in dogs directly from the street.


As a new foster, not really knowing what I was getting into, I can say the last 6 months have been more than I could have ever hoped for. DogRRR has a great support system for the newbies like me, and I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people that I never would have met otherwise.


Being a rescuer, I never thought I could foster because of the attachment to pretty much every dog I meet. But, 3 years ago after picking up 2 strays, one who had been tethered his entire life and his owners finally let him off and left the gate open, and my aunt called me to help.


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