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Why do I foster? Fostering with kids, and what makes DogRRR different? In the summer of 2013 I had been following the urgent page for Fort Worth Animal control. There was a mom dog with 3 puppies on the euthanasia list. I said in the post that I would foster if rescues would tag (at the time I had no idea that not all rescues are created equally). We got down to the shelter and picked up a very skinny flea and tick infested mom and two puppies since the shelter adopted one out.  The first day was sweet and fun, the first night was hell. The next morning I was in tears and my husband was telling me quitting would set a bad example for the kids (and he was right). The next day was much better as was the next. But then the puppies got sick. As soon as it was confirmed distemper the “rescue” disappeared dropping us like a hot potato and left us trying to save two sick puppies. I had learned a valuable lesson about making sure you are fostering for a reputable rescue. We lost the puppies to distemper despite our best efforts. I worried that my kids 10, 8 and 7 would think it was the worst summer ever, but you know what? They did not. Even at their young ages they knew that the puppies (Mischief and Cuddles) died being loved, played with and with full bellies vs alone in a cold damp shelter. We ended up keeping the mom (Angel who is now 11) since there was NO WAY I was letting her go back to that “rescue” or the shelter. What makes Dallas DogRRR different? We tend to not give up and we don’t leave our fosters holding the bag.

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