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I/we foster because of dogs like Hope!  She's weirdly amazing and makes me so HAPPY!

Listen, I believe this girl was an outside dog who only had human interaction when they'd put food outside....

She's a herder.  She is figuring out inside living, but can be a bit of a turd at times.

She stalks my hubby and gets upset when he MOVES at all....

BUT... Guess who is constantly watching me and making sure I give her butt scratches? HOPE!

She follows me EVERYWHERE  (except our master bathroom.  She decided that room is scary AF).

She's a good girl who deserved better in her past, but has a lovely future with us.

I always give her salmon on the weekend because she runs right to me and LOVES it!  It should be grilled, but she'll take it any way I'll share it!

She still loves the "Hope on a Rope" song, and I'm pretty sure that will always be her safe sound.  I've done it since she's gotten here, and she knows it now.  My neighbors have mocked me in the past for singing it loudly, but I don't care... I still sing to her, and my husband does now too, to calm her.

Dogs are so awesome.  So different.  And so worth it.  😘

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