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I’ve fostered for a couple different places before and never experienced such a large community of animal lovers who come together and do what it takes to MAKE IT WORK. DogRRR is so well organized, from different teams (foster, adopt, supply) to assistance with transportation to appts in times I can’t make it work for my foster dog, they help make it work! DogRRR does not put a cap on what they can do for the dogs in rescue. If a dog has a need, they give them a chance. There are so many moving parts in this rescue and it’s so well coordinated and executed. Besides doing things well, the people here are awesome. When I fostered my first dogs here, I felt supported along the way. It’s such a great community that I volunteer with them in other ways now too. We foster failed our first pup with DogRRR. We are currently fostering Buddy Browning, our fospice dog, and puppy Figaro, who gets his tail amputated next week.

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