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The Neglected Trifecta, Coal was left to die he was dying right in front of his owners.

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Bad things seem to come in threes….

Have you ever heard the saying bad things come in threes? It seems to reign true within our rescue. Rescue is hard, and though we didn’t think our hearts could take any more after Marley Mark and Tyler, we, unfortunately, must introduce you to Coal.

He is only six months old and unable to regulate his own body temperature. When found, his temperature was 105°. Rescuers marvel at the fact that he was still walking, as his blood work revealed astonishingly low hematocrit and hemoglobin. On top of less than stellar blood panel results, his stomach is distended and full of things no dog should consume. Quite possibly the most noticeable thing about Coal is that his skin is inflamed with demodex and secondary skin infections. His skin is so bad they cannot even find a vein to give him a blood transfusion.

With Markey Mark and Tyler still in the ER, our funds are incredibly low, but we could not refuse to help Coal. Without immediate care, he will die. Please help us show Coal that we care for him and we will fight for him.

I am left Speechless, I have zero words...

Coal had an OWNER! An OWNER. You read that right. He was posted on one of the South Texas Pages for a rescue - The Animal Control Officer and a Volunteer went out to get the dog and he immediately was rushed to the vet with a 105 fever. He basically collapsed when he got to the vet!!

Prognosis update coming....

He needs our help he needs a MIRACLE !

A picture is worth 1000 words….

Sometimes in rescue, you just can’t find adequate words to illustrate a point and today is one of those tough days.

Instead of a vivacious perky puppy, Coal lies before us - a ghastly sight and horrid byproduct of neglect. Despite countless efforts, a blood transfusion and fluids, he remains severely dehydrated. Eyes that once reflected a soul full of spirit lay sunken like a corpse, the smell of infection that sweeps through is so strong that it’s singed into the mind, and the excruciating state of broken skin and swelling is enough to tell onlookers that this puppy needs help!

Coal is going to need a community of people to fight for him. If medical care had been delayed another day or two he would not have made it. Coal needs a miracle.

Keep fighting Coal. We are fighting with you.


Coal is fighting so hard to live, between the skin infection, and the infestation of hookworms that is tearing his GI TRACT up, he is weak but trying.

We received the results back of his path review and the pathologist does not think it's autoimmune disease.

He is still having blood loss from his GI and the doctors are pretty certain he needs time. However, at this time he needs another whole blood transfusion.

He is still fighting hard, eating and improving in other ways. We will continue to fight this fight with him!

Please DogRRR Nation send prayers and positive thoughts, and continue to help us by donating to his care!

Update: May 27, 2022

Coal is Happy to be resting at home with his foster.

Look at this DIFFERENCE Coal is on his way to an AMAZING transformation!

Update: June 27, 2022

Can you even believe this is the same dog? Coal is thriving in his foster home AND he takes his no puppy promise today. He is getting neutered and is dreaming of his adoptive home.

Thank you DogRRR NATION !!! See what love, donations, and miracles can do???

Please consider making a donation to our emergency medical fund to help us save MORE animals like Coal!

Thank you you for all the love and support! Coal is on his road to recovery!

Thank you for HELPING US, HELP ANIMALS, overcome their yesterdays and rewrite their tomorrow.




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Who is Dallas Dog?

Our rehabilitation efforts address the physical and emotional needs of rescued animals and prepare them for the second chance they deserve. You can make a difference by fostering, adopting, or making a donation toward these worthy animals.

Thank you for supporting Dallas Dog. Our mission is to create a safer place for animals by rescuing and rehabilitating those who are neglected, unwanted and abused across Texas or displaced by natural disasters nearby and finding them a permanent home. You can visit our website at to follow our amazing journey.

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