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Tater Tot Is A Good Boy Seeking a Good Home!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

A sweet potato of a pup who comes from rough beginnings, ready for a happier tomorrow. Please read on and consider helping this sweet boy.

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An Unfortunate But Common Story

Tater Tot is 2.5 years old, and like many English Bulldogs he comes from a breeding group. Unfortunately when he was little he was accidentally stepped on by mom had dislocations of both back legs at his hip joint. He has no feeling in his feet or legs now, and he chewed on one of his feet until it became necrotic (where tissue or cells permanently die due to trauma and/or lack of blood flow). The breeder did nothing and eventually gave him up. He was adopted by a family who had only seen pictures of his sweet face. They did not realize what medical needs Tater Tot would need and he was surrendered again, but this time to a caring rescue.

Enter DallasDogRRR

Once in DallasDog's care, the necessary step was taken and his necrotic (right) leg was amputated. He has been in a wonderful foster family since that time. They say that he moved surprisingly fast despite having only three legs, one of which he could not feel or move! Due to the injury early in his life, he also doesn't have a lot of control over using the bathroom. This is most likely due to a lower motor neuron problem-- he can go to the bathroom but cannot control when. His foster family lovingly call him Leaky Weeny because of this!

About one year ago his foster parent came home to find that Tater Tot had chewed through the bandages in place on his remaining back leg, and had chewed his toenails and paw pads off of that foot. Once taken to the vet they realized he also had an infection in the leg and would need to have this left leg amputated as well. Since he does not have feeling in his rear end, he didn't even know that the leg had been painful all this time. As difficult as this must have been, they say that he now moves throughout his home lightning fast with his two remaining legs! He has recovered well and seems happier than he likely would have been with the alternative (a cone for the rest of his life).

Now For the Good Stuff

Tater Tot is a happy guy who gets along with dogs and cats alike (he might chase the kitties at times but he can't catch them!). He loves good cuddles, chew toys, and the company of a few loving humans. One extra positive is that he does well in a crate.

Just FYI, he does need some help pooping with a little squeeze on his rump. Foster family says this isn't too difficult and does not cause him pain since he cannot feel back there. Be aware that he has accidents from time to time especially when he is bouncing around the home!

Tater Tot is Ready for an Adoptive Family Who is Ready for That Forever Kind of Love!

Unable To Adopt But Still Want to Help Tater Tot? Read Further...

Please contact DallasDogRRR if you would like to contribute and purchase this amazing dog diaper for him!


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