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Scarlett's Transformation

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Mama Dog Filled With Milk Was Dumped Without Her Puppies.

When Scarlett was rescued, we saw both the worst and best in humans. The worst being how Scarlett came to need a rescue, and the best coming with people rallying on her behalf.

Sadly, this happens way too often; Scarlett was bred to breed. And once she’s had her litters, she goes. A chosen few left in her place after her other babies were sold for hundreds. All for the sole purpose of keeping her owner from making an honest living.

Scarlett was found abandoned on a rural farm in East Texas. She was full of milk and was so skinny, her ribs showed through her skin like a fur-covered skeleton. It was evident she had been caring for puppies and was so desperate for food that she was pooping out puppy pads. She was simply defeated.

Breeder Dumped This Mama Dog Filled With Milk! Where Are Her Puppies?

Then the best in people began to show up for Scarlett. Her finders quickly jumped on social media and asked for help. One share led to another and then led Scarlett to us. Wheels were put in motion, literally, and volunteers rallied to pick her up and transfer her to our vet ASAP.

She appeared so fragile. Her head greatly outsized her tiny and weak frame. he had been deprived of food and of love. But upon first meeting her, she knew she was safe and without hesitation, began to love.


After a couple of days in the hospital getting her stabilized, her rehab continued with the love of a foster home. We suspect that she had never been inside a home. She was heartworm positive, and had all kinds of internal parasites, and had plenty of ticks and fleas in those adorable ears of hers.

But those soon became faded memories as she began her new life of love and being spoiled. Car rides, buggy rides, and plenty of rest treats, and love to keep her happy. Soon after, her foster home became her permanent home where she continues to live the good life every dog deserves!

Who Is Dallas Dog?

Our rehabilitation efforts address the physical and emotional needs of rescued animals and prepare them for the second chance they deserve. YOU can make a difference by fostering, adopting, or making a donation toward these worthy animals.

Thank you for supporting Dallas Dog . Our mission is to create a safer place for animals by rescuing and rehabilitating those who are neglected, unwanted and abused across Texas or displaced by natural disasters nearby and finding them a permanent home. You can visit our website at to follow our amazing journey.

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