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Saying Good Bye To The First Dog I Rescued

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

This is Patti O'Connell Dawson, President of Dallas Dog. It has been a bit hard to write this post. Saying good-bye to you, sweet Spirit, was so hard.

My sweet Spirit is gone. He has crossed the rainbow bridge!

Where to begin I have not been able to discuss him without crying since his adopters messaged me last week. I was on vacation contemplating, "do I take a flight home to say goodbye or will he make it till I get home"? Once we talked she assured me he would be ok till I got home. I bugged her every single day to visit him. I wanted so badly to have my final moment with him. I wanted to say goodbye!! He and I have been through a lot together, he taught me so much!

He was my first dog I rescued and brought into the rescue after I started running it. He was my first medical dog. It was a tough case. I will never forget our team saying, "you are going to bankrupt the rescue"!!

Melissa, a long time volunteer, called me and asked DogRRR to take him in. I was like, "I have NO idea how to take that on: and was quite overwhelmed, but I finally agreed.

We rushed him to Alma Animal Hospital and they stayed open to see him. After they did x-rays they determined he needed a surgeon so we called around and NO ONE would touch him. His injuries were so extensive.

We had no choice but to send him to A&M so off he went. We then found out both front legs had major fractures they were not sure both legs could be saved. After two major surgeries to save the legs he ended up losing one of his front legs.

Gosh I could go on. His story is endless! A personal go fund me, pleas on my Facebook page, a team came together I am so thankful for so many people that helped Spirit and supported me!!

To say this last week was hard is an understatement. I have not been able to sit and compose my thoughts. He has taken a piece of my heart ! It is because of him I was passionate about helping other medical dogs and giving them a second chance at life!!

Spirit and I spent last Friday together. I brought him chicken nuggets and he gave me snuggles. I cried many times telling him how much I love him and that I am so glad he finally had a family that loved him unconditionally.

He was spoiled and he was so loved by so many. I know when I walked in and saw him it was going to be hard. His adopter left us so we could have some alone time. The time we had together I am very grateful for. I will miss him more than words can tell.

I love you Spirit, I know I will see you again, I know you will be forever in my heart.

You are pain free now sweet boy! Run, run, run!!! One day as I walk through the meadow we will once again be reunited even if it is for a short moment.

Good Night, Sweet Friend, Good Night.

A fews thanks to all those that loved and supported him. A very special thank you to his adopted family. They gave him the life he finally deserved.

If you'd like to learn more about Spirit, check out his Facebook Page: Saving Spirit

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