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Meet Janet

Dearest readers... of Bridgerton,

The Ton is abuzz with the latest gossip. I, Janet, am all dressed up with no where to go. Is anyBunny looking for a dignified lady dog to enjoy tea on the patio??? I do hope so.

My foster Mum thought it a good idea to dress me up for the occasion. I did not protest one bit, she was quite shocked I complied so well. On the contrary, I found these garments to be soft and elegant. They also went well with the natural gloves I have on my arms.

However gentle readers, you should know King Louis and Kingston Dilly Dilly did not behave like refined gentlemen. They acted like uncivilized wild stray animals with no proper home training. It upset me quite a bit, my foster sister had to comfort me.

No matter, I shall carry on to inform you what I discovered about myself. No matter how hard I tried to smile, my Mum said I have "resting bitch face." Do excuse her foul language. She said it's ok though, all the fiercest models have it. Please have a pleasant day and save me from being tortured with watching Bridgerton, it's not appropriate for a lady of my tender age of 4 months.

Yours Truly

Lady Janet

NAME: Janet

GENDER: Female




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