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In Memory of Sir Harold

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

I still struggle with the words.... Sir Harold is gone!

This weekend my life changed forever, I lost my best friend. My snuggle bug, my sidekick, and the thorn in my side.

My heart is shattered into tiny pieces. Our rescue family has lost a legend everyone’s hearts are broken.

Harold’s character was larger than life and to say he leaves a giant hole in our hearts is an understatement. His little body just gave out on him. We are so grateful that he enjoyed his life to the fullest every day. His legacy will live on with DogRRR Nation as we all work together to help change the plight of animals in need.

Harold was a 2-year Puppy Mill survivor and an icon of Dallas Dog Rescue. His story began when we rescued him in June 2020. He was a purebred Frenchie purchased for $7,000 at a Petland in Dallas, Texas.

Shortly after he was purchased, the owner realized he had some serious medical conditions that caused him to develop pneumonia and stop walking after a couple of weeks. After confronting the pet store with this fact, they blamed her for his ill-health and stated that he was fine before.

Without the funds to finance Harold’s medical expenses, she reached out to the rescue for support. We talked about options of her keeping him and helping with the surgery, but she agreed to surrender knowing at this time the care was more than she could manage. Dallas Dog President, Patti Dawson, took him into her home to foster and soon thereafter, she took him to the vet. There, he was diagnosed with a degenerative disorder called Kyphosis - defined by back arching/abdomen tucking which often suggests gastrointestinal distress. Since then, he had also been diagnosed with megaesophagus, hydrocephalus, and an enlarged palate. Despite these diagnoses, Harold lived out a good quality of life.

Harold was a long-term medical foster with Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform. He had become a beloved mascot for the rescue.

He was quite the little dude that packed a serious attitude. He loved exploring, getting carted around in his stroller, and befriending new fosters.

Harold is an example of the horrors of puppy mill operations, where irresponsible breeding produces dogs with major issues all for profit. Fortunately, Dallas Dog saved this little fellow from euthanasia. He lived our a comfortable life being spoiled and having all of his needs met.

In Harold’s memory, we will continue to bring awareness to Puppy Mills and Retail Puppy Stores.

Harold’s story isn’t the first or the last. His story is WHY we continue to do what we do and work to change the animal welfare laws across Texas. Because of him, we are working extensively towards passing Humane Pet Store Ordinances across the entire state. Harold reminds us to #adoptdontshop.. Harold reminds us not to support backyard breeders… and finally Harold reminds us that #fosteringsaveslives

Don’t Cry for Me When I Am Gone So, though I give you all my heart, the time will come when we must part. But all around you, you will see, creatures that speak to you of me; a tired horse, a hunted thing, a sparrow with a broken wing. Pity – and help (I know you will) and somehow, I will be with you still; and I shall know, although I’m gone, the love I gave you lingers on. ⁃ author unknown

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