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Puppies Found Abandoned in a Bucket Outside a Dollar General

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Their story is heartbreaking, and unfortunately, it is a story shared by so many other unwanted puppies in South Texas. Puppies dumped, left outside in the elements with the hopes that some HUMAN will give a CRAP!

A litter of 5 tiny puppies left abandoned, dumped in a bucket left for dead, in a Dollar General parking lot in rural South Texas. It is a heartless act. Maybe the owners thought that by some miracle someone would see them or hear them? Fortunately, someone did. They are barely 3 weeks old. Their eyes are barely open, and they were wet and cold, alone, and scared without their momma.

They are also covered in fleas and full of worms. Who knows what else they have endured. There were no cameras so unfortunately there are no leads on who carelessly dumped these precious creatures.

Dallas Dog has stepped in to save these pups left in a bucket. They are now safe in foster care, all five together barely weighed 10 lbs.

We are in need of donations to provide them with the life saving care are they so desperately need.

We cannot continue our life saving mission without the support and generosity of our DogRRR Nation!

It is time to do better cities change your ordinances to include SPAY and NEUTER your pets. We have to enforce the law and change them or this will be in our newsfeeds every day!

These sweet tiny babies have worms, fleas, and are malnourished. They are in rough shape please HELP!

Donate to these puppies' care by visiting the link below. Please. Help. No matter how small. Every dollar helps save a life.

Thank you for HELPING US, HELP ANIMALS, overcome their yesterdays and rewrite their tomorrows.


DogRRR NEW VENMO: DDRescue2015

Who is Dallas Dog? Our rehabilitation efforts address the physical and emotional needs of rescued animals and prepare them for the second chance they deserve. You can make a difference by fostering, adopting, or making a donation toward these worthy animals.

Thank you for supporting Dallas Dog. Our mission is to create a safer place for animals by rescuing and rehabilitating those who are neglected, unwanted and abused across Texas or displaced by natural disasters nearby and finding them a permanent home. You can visit our website at to follow our amazing journey.

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