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Markie Mark - He's Just a Puppy. Someone Kicked Him in His Head. A MIRACLE is needed.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

May 3, 2022

May 4, 2022

Markie Mark is currently at Med Vet Dallas. He spent the day on fluids and pain medication.

He is likely to have been hit in the face or head with some kind of pipe or heavy object. His skull is fractured.

Tomorrow he will see the neurologist and have a CT-Scan to check on the head trauma.

He remained in the oxygen chamber while he had time they are trying to get him a little stronger.

What we need most of all is DONATIONS. We currently have a lot of large medical cases please DONATE!!

Monsters really do walk among us…

It has taken us a couple of days to process the findings of Markie Mark’s CAT-SCAN. There is no way to sugarcoat this; some monster kicked Markey so hard on his forehead that it shattered his skull. I cannot even fathom what a two month old puppy did to enrage this person that much. I pray they do not have other pets or children in their home.

As you can see from the video of the MRI the damage is quite extensive. Markie will have a long road ahead of him to heal both mentally and physically from this abuse. The specialists monitoring him are hopeful he will recover and possibly not have to undergo surgery. However, he will remain in the ER for the foreseeable future.

Saving this pup's life comes at a fair expense, but we want to give him the BEST care and chance at a full recovery. We appreciate all who have donated for his care so far. Please help us show Markey that there are MORE GOOD PEOPLE than there are monsters in our world.

His current bill $5,500 and his previous ER visit was $2,000. Please consider donating.

Markie Mark Update Slow and steady wins the race….

Markey seems to be a little better day by day. This sweet boy has such a long road ahead of him. What he has endured during his short life really makes my heart hurt.

Markey was sedated and given a bath recently. The doctor wanted to make sure it was done her way so she bathed him herself.

We cannot thank you enough for continuing to join us in our fight to save Markey’s life.

Update: May 28, 2022

Look at this boy NOW! Found after a blunt force trauma to his forehead. He experienced quite the abuse with a deep and horrific fracture.

He was near death and now look at him!!!

He is slowly recovering thanks to your donations and his foster!! Look at this DIFFERENCE! Markie Mark is on his way to an amazing transformation!

Thank you DogRRR NATION !!!

Please consider making a donation to our emergency medical fund to help us save MORE animals like Markie Mark!

Thank you for HELPING US, HELP ANIMALS, overcome their yesterdays and rewrite their tomorrow.


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Who is Dallas Dog?

Our rehabilitation efforts address the physical and emotional needs of rescued animals and prepare them for the second chance they deserve. You can make a difference by fostering, adopting, or making a donation toward these worthy animals.

Thank you for supporting Dallas Dog. Our mission is to create a safer place for animals by rescuing and rehabilitating those who are neglected, unwanted and abused across Texas or displaced by natural disasters nearby and finding them a permanent home. You can visit our website at to follow our amazing journey.

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I am donating to your medical fund, and I hope that Markie Mark can get the surgery he clearly needs.


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