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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

We received a desperate plea for help for this dog. She is breaking my heart. She was found as a stray in this condition. She is only 5 pounds, extremely emaciated, dehydrated, anemic, terrible teeth and was running a fever. We gave her the name "Minka" which means strong willed warrior.

She arrived at the shelter on June 20th. She has been fighting like a little warrior to live. The shelter had her on oral and injectable antibiotics and IV fluids!

"She needs a hero" it read. Dallas Dog is her HERO! We picked her up and took her straight to the vet.

She is skin and bones and weighs 5 lbs. She should be about 20 lbs! She is not able to stand on her own because she is so weak! It also appears that she may be blind as well.

This poor girl found as a stray spent 5 days at the shelter waiting for her loved ones to come save her and they did not come.

We do not understand how she survived on the streets. She is so weak. One she cannot stand for a period of time, two she seems to be be blind and three she is ataxic.

How did she survived on the streets? I am clueless.

Here are the doctors initial thoughts:

"Her Fecal is neg and the 4dx is negative she has a 4-5/6 heart murmur, she will need to start oral heart medication. She can stand briefly, but is weak and ataxic and will knuckle on the floor. She seems to see shadows and may have some neurological symptoms. She is Anemic. So she’s going to need blood transfusion. The chemistry panel and radiologist results are still pending

Please, help us save Minka!

Update: Minka Picked UP HER Head!!

She still has a long way to go. Her ultrasound looks ok and her echocardiogram shows a slight enlargement in her heart but for a 4-5 heart murmur.

She still looks very dehydrated but she she started to drink and eat with assistance. They suspect she will be able to go home shortly with close supervision and they need to be in close proximity to the ER.

Please send prayers ! We are still short on her medical bills it is about $4,200 so please donate if you are able!!

Thank you for HELPING US, to HELP ANIMALS, overcome their yesterdays and rewrite their tomorrows.


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