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A Mother's Loss - All her PUPPIES died.

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

She fight for two days as her family watched her try to deliver her by the time they asked for help all her babies were done. Read More to find out what happen to Whiskey.

She needs a foster please consider fostering her!!!!

Her story began July 2020 in a small neighborhood in East Texas everyone was talking about a tiny pittie girl named Whiskey.

She was very, very pregnant they were afraid she wouldn’t survive delivery. During her pregnancy her leg was broken and her owner decided to straighten it himself. Her screams of pain were heard throughout the neighborhood. I didn’t see her in 2020, just heard the horrible stories and offered to help if the owner would surrender. I was told it was highly unlikely. Fast forward to last Wednesday night, 7:30pm. Same dog, still dragging the same broken leg, pregnant again. She’d been in labor for two days on a dirty tarp. No puppies were born. Right before the years of neglect were going to kill her, her owner decided to surrender. There’s no ER in the area. There’s one vet open late, their last appointment was at 9:00 and she was over an hour away. She was loaded in the car and transported by the people who literally saved her life. She arrived at the vet after nine but they agreed to see her.

Whiskey was noticeably uncomfortable pacing in the waiting room. Twice stopping to unsuccessfully push out a puppy. She’d been trying to birth the puppy stuck in her birth canal for 48 hours. The sonogram revealed that while her owner was watching her suffer all of her puppies died inside her. They performed an emergency spay and removed them, saving her life. She struggles to walk on her front leg that was mangled by the cruel DIY procedure. Finally, she’ll get vet care to relieve the constant pain she’s endured for years. She was delivered to a foster home this morning. Her emergency spay was $451. She still needs basic vetting and an orthopedic visit for her mangled leg. Cheers, Whiskey


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