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Puppy Found Abandoned in a Grill

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

I have to say this is a first for me…. This puppy was abandoned in a Good Samaritan’s patio grill, yes they put her inside the grill!! I wish I could say I make these stories up for the drama effect but we do NOT!

When we heard about this precious puppy found abandoned in an outdoor grill. We have named her Saki which means Blossom of Hope!!

Our volunteer has picked her up and she will be arriving sometime this week to the DFW area from south Texas.

Please DONATE to help Saki. She is just 6 weeks she does not even weigh 3 lbs. She is covered in mange they said her skin is like leather about 1/4” thick. She was extremely dehydrated when our volunteer picked her up. We immediately administered Sub-Q fluids on the scene. Her eyes we sealed shut, and she could barely open her mouth due to the mange!!

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