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Help Diamond!

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

January 30th, 2022 DALLAS, TX - 12 YR OLD DOG TO BE KILLED

Please I am begging.

Diamond is going to be euthanized tomorrow (1/31). Please consider fostering her. There is a potential adopter in Colorado.

Name: Diamond

Age: 12 Years

Gender: Female

Weight : 55lbs

Diamond's time is ticking. She desperately needs someone to step up and be her savior. She was surrendered over to the Dallas Animal Shelter after her family lost their home!

During her intake exam, it was noted that she was limping on her rear left leg, has a mass in her right shoulder and middle back. She is also missing her incisors with chipped canines on top and bottom. She has severe dental disease, dental crown fracture staining, and wear. Her medical needs and issues are very sad. Due to multiple health concerns and requiring a variety of surgeries with guarded outcomes in a geriatric patient she has been given a deadline and is scheduled for euthanasia.

Diamond deserves a second chance. Don't let her die in the shelter.

If you can foster, sign up NOW to FOSTER with Dallas Dog:

Update: January 31, 2022

A hero has stepped in to foster Diamond. We picked her up from the shelter tonight. This foster home is temporary, but it saves Diamond's life.

Update: February 1, 2022 Unfortunate Circumstances

Meet Diamond.

She had a HERO fall for her sight unseen and he advocated for her life. She is just your average senior dog at the shelter that her family decided to surrender to the shelter.

Her health, well she is an older girl with some ailments for sure! None of which mean she should lose her life at the shelter

The volunteers and workers were advocating for her life I asked for an extension on her deadline to save her life and find a foster. They agreed and we worked furiously to find a foster, we have a temporary foster we are looking for a more permanent placement.

To be clear she is safe with our rescue and at the vet this morning.

Please Donate to Diamond's care.

Medical Update on Diamond: February 1, 2022

Diamond is in our care now, with a temporary foster. We visited with a vet to take a look at Diamond's numerous ailments.

  • Aspirates on the masses came back inconclusive. I can’t tell what we are dealing with without a biopsy, unfortunately.

  • Lameness - chronic ACL tear. She’s compensated at this point. We can do meds like Rimadyl pending her bloodwork.

  • Skin - most likely an allergy and secondary yeast and bacterial infections. We will get her appropriate medications for treatment.

  • Eyes - chronic dry eye. She will definitely need lifelong meds.

  • Ears - bad bacterial infection. Treating with claro and supplementing with the already prescribed skin meds.

  • Heartworm positive

This girl has a long road of treatment ahead of her. Please help. Donate to her care.

Update: February 2, 2022 Senior Surrendered at the Shelter

Diamond here.

She was seen by our vet the verdict is in.

They aspirated her masses. They came back inconclusive and we will have to do a biopsy. She has some lameness in her rear left leg however it is a chronic ACL tear. She has learned to compensate for it at this point. We have blood work pending. She is heartworm positive, so that is something we will have to address in the future. Her skin is most likely allergy-related but she does have secondary yeast and bacterial infection.

We will get her all the medications needed for treatment. Her eyes have chronic dry eye, she will need lifelong meds. Her ears have a bad bacterial infection we are treating with claro and supplementing with the already prescribed skin meds.

She is such a good dog. She has some typical issues that old dogs get. She is a true sweetheart she shows nothing but love and immediately licked my face from the moment I first met her! She gave me her paw and loves to roll over for belly rubs!! She still has so much love to give and life to live!!

Welcome to DogRRR Diamond.

Update: March 4, 2022

Well Diamond here ..

Sorry I have not updated lately I have been busy resting after my surgery but I have amazing news!

I do not have Cancer!! My masses were hemangiomas they were benign and completely excised.

Now I need my heartworms treated and I will be ready to love again. Haha I am already loving again at my foster's house!

Love, Diamond

Update: March 30, 2022

Diamond is doing well in foster care! She is gaining weight and will begin her heartworm treatment soon. She is now looking for her forever home.


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