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Welcoming Our Newest Arrivals: Oscar, Oliver, Ozzy, and Olivia!

At Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform, we believe in the power of love and compassion to transform lives, and our newest arrivals are a testament to that belief. Meet Oscar, Oliver, Ozzy, and Olivia – four adorable puppies whose journey began with tragedy but is now filled with hope and possibility.

Sadly, these sweet pups lost their mama in a tragic accident, but her love lives on through them. Recognizing that they needed a helping hand, the owner reached out to the shelter for assistance. We couldn't turn our backs on these precious bundles of joy, so we immediately stepped in to offer them a lifeline.

Now, we're urgently seeking foster homes for these furry friends, who are set to arrive on Wednesday. Your love and care can make all the difference in their lives as they adjust to their new environment and prepare for their forever homes.

But the story doesn't end there. Along with Oscar, Oliver, Ozzy, and Olivia, we also welcomed Bonnet, a pregnant chihuahua who was no longer wanted by her previous family. Bonnet is halfway through her pregnancy, and we suspect she'll give birth to 6-7 puppies in the coming weeks.

We're in need of a loving foster who can provide Bonnet and her upcoming puppies with the care and support they need. Ideally, we're looking for a committed long-term foster who can take them through pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery care. We believe in keeping families together, and that includes Bonnet and her puppies until they're ready to find their forever homes.

At Dallas Dog, we understand the vital role that fostering plays in our mission to save lives. Without the support of our community of fosters, adopters, and donors, we wouldn't be able to continue our lifesaving impact. Fostering not only provides temporary homes for animals in need but also frees up space in shelters and rescues, allowing us to rescue more animals and give them the chance at a better life.

If you can open your heart and home to these furry friends, please reach out to us. Whether you're interested in fostering Oscar, Oliver, Ozzy, and Olivia or providing a maternity foster for Bonnet, your compassion can make a world of difference in their lives.

Let's ensure these precious souls have a safe and nurturing environment as they continue their journey. Together, we can give them the love and care they deserve.


Our rehabilitation efforts address the physical and emotional needs of rescued animals and prepare them for the second chance they deserve. You can make a difference by fostering, adopting, or making a donation toward these worthy animals. Thank you for supporting Dallas Dog. Our mission is to create a safer place for animals by rescuing and rehabilitating those who are neglected, unwanted and abused across Texas or displaced by natural disasters nearby and finding them a permanent home. You can visit our website at to follow our amazing journey.

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Fostering not only gives homeless animals a somewhere to stay temporarily, but it also makes room in shelters and rescues for new animals, giving them a better shot at life. geometry dash


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