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Moose from South Texas Needs Your Help

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

February 19, 2022

Well our partners in Donna, TX have reached out to help network this sweet, sad fellow. This Italian Mastiff was very sick when he was surrendered. He is 3 years old, very well behaved. Unfortunately, he is in a lot of pain. He has swelling in his front legs and struggles to walk. He whimpers when you touch his front legs.

Our rescue is persistently full but we could not let him just sit at the shelter. So we offered to cover his medical care needs over the weekend.

LOOK at him, he is NOT healthy! We have sent him to the ER. Please help. He has been in emergency medical care since last night. He is stable but we will be bringing him north to get more answers.

The ER said Heartworm positive strong with acidity and possible arthritis- there is definitely more to explore here and we will get that all figured out once he arrives.

Welcome to DALLAS DogRRR - we are calling him Moose! Please help and donate to his care.

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Update: February 23, 2022

DogRRR Nation, we need your power of PRAY NOW!

Moose was admitted to the ER and immediately transferred to the amazing Dr. Rich MedVet she has reviewed the case and the are several things they are concerned about one his eye which is minimal right now that will later have to be removed. The huge concern is the possible autoimmune meningitis, vertebrae, or possible form of cancer!! His eyes are showing Nystagmus!

Please send prayers.

We also need donations to save his life! It is between $7-10K just for last night and today! We have to give him a fighting chance!

Update: February 23, 2022

Moose here!!!

They put me in this amazing hospital - they have been so helpful and they have made me start to feel better. I am in recovery ❤️‍🩹 and wanted to share my day!!

Today was a rough day, I am feeling a little sleepy now. The nurses and the doctor came in and gave me a little medicine to make me sleepy!

Then they put me in this machine to check me out I have been so sick and this nice rescue (DALLAS DogRRR) is helping me try to feel better!

I am glad they gave me a chance. Many have wondered why they did not humanely euthanize me.

They told the doctors they rescue to save animals. The president said she respects that question and understands it. The reason they did not euthanize me is that they rescued me to save me, they wanted to know the diagnostic first to determine all that was going on. They need to have an idea of what is going on with me before they make a decision to let me go or save my life. They say my life mattered and they want to give me a second chance.

Dallas DogRRR is a rescue that takes in hard medical cases that are sometimes very expensive. They said if I did not have the quality of life then they would not let me suffer.

The president said she has struggled with the same thoughts, do we move forward - do we stop? This is a lot of money to spend for a diagnosis - so many animals can be saved with that money. However, she said she always fights for the lives of the animals the rescue saved. The hospital staff said she has a team the size of an army waiting to step in and help!!

My life mattered she said, she loves me and all of the animals rescued and she loves DogRRR Nation like it is her extended family!

- Moose

Thank you, everyone, thank you to our followers that ask the tough questions. We love a challenge. We respect that you have the courage to ask the tough questions it continues to challenge us. Thank you!!

Now we wait for the results and the next step in this journey we have no results yet!! I am waiting for the doctors to call us with the results we hope for tomorrow! Pray the weather does not delay these results!

Please DONATE!

Update: February 24, 2022

Moose update: He has a disk that has ruptured in the lower portion of his neck. His brain looks great on the MRI. They were worried about how he presented neurologically so they continued with the spinal tap, and they are waiting on the results but at first glance, all looks good!

The good news is we are NOT dealing with multiple neurological diseases as well there is no evidence of information on his spinal fluid. They think personality-wise he's a boy that is kind of goes within himself and he's feeling pain and that's why he was being so lethargic yesterday.

Today with proper pain medication and treatment he is presenting more with a dog with disc disease.

He is on some good IV pain medications and this continued through last night.

It is recommended that he will need a ventral side procedure he has a pretty good size disc rupture. They do not feel he will improve without it or be a very long prolonged process. We know there is a risk because he does have heartworm disease. It is a longer anesthetic time for him for the surgery!

At least we have answers. We will wait till the doctors safely make it to the hospital to get the price for surgery. We will be moving forward if they feel it has a good success rate and it will elevate the pain.

Thank you all please DONATE if you can and PLEASE continue to PRAY and SUPPORT the RESCUE!

Update: March 1, 2022

My oh my!!! What a week it's been for this sweet boy.

On the 25th Moose had his surgery! They were able to get the disc out, however it was more difficult than they thought. The surgery lasted 6.5 hours!!! 😮 Doctors said it was a success and he has a long recovery time but he should recover and will be in a lot less pain eventually. The next day we got a call from the doctor at Med Vet, saying that Moose sat up for the first time!!

We love you Moose - his current bill is $12,332 which includes his MRI, Spinal Tap, medical stay, Surgery and after-care. Today, they are trying to wean him down on his IV medications. Please consider donating if you can!! This is a huge undertaking but we know moose is worth it!!

Thank you for all of the prayers, kind words, and generous donations 💖

Update: March 9, 2022

Moose will be heading back to see the surgeons tomorrow. He is doing well.

He is slowly walking more and more with support of course.

He is able to move his neck a little on his own. He is eating and drinking on his own and loves sleeping on his big unicorn pillow the Doctor bought him to keep him company. So cute!

Please consider donating to his continued medical care.

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Update: Amazing News! Moose has been adopted by his foster family! He is walking and enjoying his life!!!

Happy Gotcha Day Moose!


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Sweet Moose. This sad boy tugged on my heart the instant I saw him. He’s in my prayers & deserves a great, fighting chance & with DogRRRs desire to help the helpless & get the very best medical care possible I’m confident he’ll succeed & be someone’s baby very soon. Come on Moose!!


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