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“Your bill will be [insert boarding bill for the month] for this month.”


You’re probably guessing that this is a vet bill. A supply bill, perhaps? How about food expenses? Nope, this is an invoice for our boarding dogs. While the majority of our fur babies reside in the homes of dedicated fosters, unfortunately, around 30 of our dogs are located at boarding. Despite our best efforts to break our boarding dogs out of boarding and place them into foster homes, adoptions are slowing for the season, returns are at an all-time high, and Texas is drowning in the sea of unwanted pets. The news is heartbreaking, we predict an influx of pets who once flourished in a home will now - due to the economy and a myriad of other factors - end up in boarding. We, as a volunteer-driven and foster-based rescue, cannot support nor resort to placing a multitude of animals in boarding in the long term. It was never our intention. We need help. Each dog costs around $300 per month! As time and pets compound, our boarding budget begins to take funds away from saving others in need.