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Rescue with Birth Defects


On a day in day out basis we see so many dogs who need rescue. The rescue receives dozens daily. On top of that everyone who works hard to run the rescue behind the scenes also receives requests. This summer rescues and shelters have been hit hard with low adoptions, owner surrenders and dumped dogs.  This is Mirielle’s story.  She was dumped with another dog and picked up by the shelter. For the first time in a long time the shelter had to put out a plea that they were over capacity and would need to euthanize for space.  The dog Mirielle came in with had been adopted.

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"The moment I saw Mirielle’s photo I knew her chances were slim to none. Mirielle has a giant open cleft palate and lip! Honestly I am not sure how she (a bulldog mix) survived without her palate being fixed. Our rescue has walked down this road before. I knew it would be $10,000 or more to give her a chance at a normal life. I decided I needed to advocate for her.  I shared her story with the president and intake team. Thankfully they had the same realization as I had. If Dallas Dog doesn’t take her we don’t think anyone else will and that will be a death sentence. So on a wing and a prayer we told the shelter we would take her. Now the hard part starts. We need to raise the money to pay for her surgery the specialist said it will be $15,000 with all the surgeons and after care!"


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