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The team looks at all the available dogs in the rescue, we look at how long they have been active, how many applications they have or have received, age, size, weight and breed.  If the animal has been moved a lot or returned, that is another quality we look at when deciding who we will submit.

We gather information to create a presentation about the animals we have selected, we need to submit the following information to the receiving shelters, their medical records, bio information, bio information how their temperament is and provide pictures and videos. 

Once the team has decided on a list for transport a team member will then begin to notify the fosters that their pet has been submitted for transport it does NOT mean they have been selected yet. 

Once the list is confirmed we then work to get the appointment made for their health certificate. We then notify foster their pet has been selected at that time there is no plan to process application or are you able to foster fail.

All dogs must go to their appointment if you are not able to take please let the team know and post on the foster page to see if someone will be able to help with the transport. 

All dogs are required to pass a health certificate a few days prior to transport. If they do not pass they will be pulled from transport. What is included in passing is they need a negative fecal, negative heartworm and in overall good health.

FOSTER RESPONSIBILITY - We encourage you to write a letter to your foster dog’s future family! Let them know everything about your dog, favorite toys, favorite food, dog friendly, kid friendly, etc. You can also include your contact information - some adopters do reach out. Put the letter in an envelope with your foster dog’s name on the front. 

After they have been issued a health certificate a team member will reach out and let you know what time transport is and transportation help will be provided as a last resort. 

So many of our dogs have found their forever homes in the gorgeous state of Washington, living their best lives going on hikes, playing in the lakes or romping in the snow. 

If you have any questions about transport, we are happy to talk to you. It has been so beneficial for the rescue and has allowed us to save many more dogs.

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