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The Power of Transport


Close your eyes and imagine there is a person sitting in every single seat at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. What you just pictured was 80,000 people. Close your eyes again but this time fill the empty stadium seats with a dog instead of a person. Now add an additional 16,707 dogs to the field and around the parking lot. You just pictured the 96,707 dogs euthanized in Texas animal shelters in 2019 due to lack of space. Washington state, by contrast, has not had to euthanize any dog due to lack of space in over 10 years. Believe it or not, this is a 15% reduction from 2018 statistics where Texas ranked No. 1 in the country for shelter deaths (now ranked No. 2). What changed? The answer - Washington Transport. A couple of years ago, the humane societies in Washington came together and discussed how they could facilitate the transporting of shelter dogs into the state since there are more potential adopters than currently available dogs. Dallas DogRRR alumni are usually adopted within one to four days, sometimes within hours. Transport is essential to Dallas Dog Rescue, there is such an overpopulation of animals in Texas. The northwest is in high need of animals in their shelter. The average length of time that an animal is in the shelter is less than 3 weeks in Texas. It could take a larger breed dog a couple of years. Transporting an animal saves 3 lives the life of the dog transporting, it opens another space for another dog to save from the shelter, after saving an animal it opens another spot at the shelter for another animal to be rescued.

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Transport Cost

The transport costs $150 & the health certificate costs $45-$50. We transport between 25-30 dogs a month which costs us $300 a dog to send to Washington. The monthly cost is $6,000-9,000 to transport.