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In Memory of Serenity

In honor of Serenity and the neglect she endured, we are announcing the Serenity Project!


What is the serenity project? The serenity project is a community outreach program that will provide families with the resources they need to keep their animal in their home.  No animal should go without food, supplies, and medical treatment. Serenity was skin and bones when she was picked up by animal control.  She was an owned dog that someone allowed to go untreated.  We will never know why she did not receive medical care from her family but we do know that we will help other dogs like serenity in her honor.

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The Serenity Project is a community outreach program that provides families with the resources they need to keep their pets in their home and with their families. The Serenity Project honors Serenity and gives back to those animals in need in the community.


Serenity touched many lives.  To continue her legacy, we are dedicating the remaining money that was donated for Serenity during her time with Dallas Dog will be used to start the Serenity Project.  Future donations marked for the Serenity Project will be used to provide medical care to families who are financially struggling and cannot afford to treat their animal.


The local community of Dallas/Fort Worth

Does not discriminate against breed, age, weight, or diagnosis

Provides financial assistance to qualified families throughout the DFW area by covering medical costs beyond the normal expenses of vaccination, spay & neuter

Provides funding to help with a sick pet that would respond to treatment

Provides financial aid for pets with cancer and other life-threatening diseases for citizens who cannot afford the full cost

Offers financial assistance to pet owners in order to care for animals who need urgent veterinary care

Pay for urgent medical care for pets of people who cannot afford to have their pets treated