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What do you do with no fosters stepping up?

An overwhelming number of requests to surrender dogs. Shelters in a state of emergency and unable to house any more dogs. Dogs being dumped in remote areas and animal control unable to save them because they have no room.

Definition of crisis…a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.

That is now…we are in a crisis; in every sense of the word.


Since we have closed intake, we know we have to continue to do all we can to help the voiceless in our community in this time of dire need. In difficult economic times, it should not be your first thought ‘I can’t afford my pet’. We are focusing efforts on our Serenity Project, in hopes of helping people in need keep their pets by providing basic care, food, and supplements to prevent from surrendering them. But we need Dogrrr nations to help us pay it forward!!! We need dog and puppy food, cat food, HW meds, flea and tick meds, money for basic vet care and our first line of defense…ability to spay and neuter. Please go to our wish list and donate for these items/services.


We are hastily working on criteria and developing guidelines to provide this basic care to those in need. And we hope through our Serenity Project we can make a difference for so many in need. Your support is always greatly needed and appreciated. We will be sharing stories of those we help so you know we are out there doing all we can.

  • 5$
    Every month
  • 10$
    Every month
  • 25$
    Every month
  • 15$
    Every month
  • 20$
    Every month
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