19 lbs


11 Years


Frankie's life began two hours prior to being scheduled for euthanasia. His foster mom, long time member of Dallas DogRRR couldn't bear to see this little old man die without a chance. She literally gave him the gift of a new life. Frankie received her help to join a wonderful rescue while agreeing to foster him back to health and finds a furever home. From skin and bones to a happy little old man, Frankie is looking for his forever lap to snuggle in.

Here is some info about a fun little guy looking for his forever home
Name: Frankie
Nicknames: Frank, Franquito, Taquito
Age: 10 maybe
Breed chihuahua and ?? (I have chi ears but that's about it!)
Favorite foods: Chicken, scrambled eggs, peanut butter, cheese, hot dogs
Favorite activities: Playing with toys, going on short walks, car rides (to anywhere but Alma vet ), lying in the sun, chilling with my human, eating
Things I don't like: Other alpha dogs, being crated in another room from my human, being left alone
Interesting fact: I was rescued 2 hours before the city shelter was going to put me down and this great company Hendricks found out about my story and I now have my own "Senior Dogs Rock" clothing line with my picture!
What kind of home I am looking for: I'm looking for a chill, quiet home environment with a kind human to care for me. I am good with small and large submissive dogs but I'm the boss so I don't do well with alphas and trust me, we've tried! I would also be happy being an only dog. I just like being with my human!!
My greatest wish: For a person or family to love me, of course! I'd also love a photoshoot! Oh and I lifetime supply of peanut butter and kongs!

I am done with my heart worm treatment, I'm healthy and happy.
Love, Frankie

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Frankie Fourth