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Why are your annual fundraisers so important?
Why do you ask for donations for medical dogs after having such a wonderful giving day?
Where do those funds go?


These are some of the questions we frequently hear. Ever hear the saying, “you are robbing Peter to pay Paul.”? Rescue is a lot like that!  Not all of our medical dogs even get posted for donations. And most of the time we only raise a fraction of what is needed to cover their vet bills, which are due upon service. An example is our little shed family. We raised $450 for them the weekend we found them. Their ER bill was $10,000!!!  For all of the parvo puppies we have had the last six months we were lucky if we raised 25% of their bill. We also have all of the heartworm treatments that we never raise money for. In addition to that, providing heartworm preventative for 200 dogs monthly adds up fast. We also have a small group of long-term dogs who are hard to place and adopt, most of whom are in boarding. Then there are our numerous senior dogs who are like most of us seniors, EXPENSIVE!! There is no money raised solely for them.  On top of that, only a small fraction of our dogs even make the main page. Phew! As you can see, we'll be spending ALL of the giving day money in the next couple of months!!!

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What does the adoption fee cover? Quite simply it offsets the average dog's medical cost. On average, we spend $500-$1000 per puppy/dog getting them healthy, giving age-appropriate vaccines, heartworm tests, preventatives, spaying or neutering them and microchipping them. Our adoption fee does not even cover that fully!! Posting our dogs for funds and sharing those posts are still vital to our success and ability to save more dogs. Thank you for your continued support! We appreciate you all so much!!