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Meet the Behaviorist:

Welcome dog lovers and all dogs! I am the founder and Canine-Human Educator for REAL Animal Sanctuary and Behavioral Solutions. We consider our work to be rooted in science and driven by ethics. Our passion meets purpose mission is unique in that we empower and educate people with a life long skill set to help any dog they share their life with currently or in the future. Dogs are incredibly resilient and intelligent and when the humans in their life know the how, why and successful implementation of behavioral principles- our dogs become happy, healthy and healed. I have my Masters in Psychology and Canine Good Citizen Certification through the AKC. I have literally been rescuing animals since I was 16 years old with 15 years of behavioral experience. I consider it a privilege to work with you and your dog!

Our philosophy:
We root our work in educating and empowering pet parents with a holistic whole body-whole brain-whole dog scientific approach to training using positive reinforcement and relationship building principles. Our one of a kind dog-psychology encompasses the mind-body connections that are inherently at work in successfully modifying dog behavior. We have a shared responsibility to bring out the most healthy and balanced version of your dog and we are so thrilled to do our part!

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Jennifer Caves, M.Psy, CGC


Canine-Human Educator at REAL Animal Sanctuary and Behavioral Solutions
Jennifer Caves, M.Psy, CGC

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